New York Times Bestselling Author 

Journalist Poet and Lecturer

Omar Tyree

Dr. Love's workbook reveals that his wife has been by his side for 41 years of marriage. That let me know immediately knows what he is talking about.

~Omar Tyree

How To Guide Women in Finding True Love while Avoiding Heartache, Disappointment, and Drama

  • Session 1: Learning how to reset your mindset for love 

Understanding no man in an ordinary man and his capabilities will blow your mind. 

  • Session 2: Using her power to become the woman men desire  

Women have power asleep within her. When awakened it rocks and changes a man's world.

  • Session 3: Learn why loving and respecting yourself multiplies his love and respect for you  

When a man notices the time, training, and development a woman has undergone, his respect and desire for doubles. 

  • Session 4: Learn how and why women rob men of being romantic and fun to be with   

A man wants to and will rise to women's highest standards if she sets them. 

  • Session 5: Learn why sex is not just sex   

When a man asks for sex what he is really asking for is an opportunity to create something wonderful with her.