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Dr.Love, Can You Help Me?

Dr. Love has listened to and studied thousands of women as a salon owner for over 30 years hearing their frustration with men. Through his in-depth research, he has perfected a system for women to participate in her man’s transformation from an ordinary man to an extraordinary man, to her husband.


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I have taken several classes with Dr. Love over the past few years. I've always found them to be informative, fun, and, most of all, transformational. I encourage anyone who would like to understand their relationships to consider taking a session with Dr. Love. Believe me; you will not be disappointed!

- Cynthia Wright

As a thirtyfive-year-old single lady, Dr. Love has been a legit lifesaver. Society has done nothing but tear me down and encourage me to begin twerking lessons! Dr. Love has emphasized my one true love is making his way to me as I prepare for him. Relax and believe he is already yours Angel.

- Kelly Johnson

What's Wrong?

1. I've been dating this guy for a year and he just stopped calling me.

2. I've been living with this man for eight years and he doesn't want to marry me, he thinks we should just live together.

3. I'm not dating and I don't have anyone calling. I would love to just date someone.

Is there Something Wrong with Me?

  • Why can’t I make a good connection?

  • I’m successful, I have a great job, why am I still by myself?

  • What am I missing?

Dr.Love, I'm Tired and Frustrated.



Dr. Love's

7-Week Course

Finding True Love while Avoiding Drama, Disappointment, and Heartache

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New Book

3 Things

Every Woman

needs to know about a Man

Join us on this pilgrimage from singlehood to actively creating the man of your dreams.


For the first time in the history of the world, women have a trusted guide with a proven system that empowers her with the science of love to understand a man at his deepest level and position herself to create and enter a successful fun-loving relationship with the man of her dreams.

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