The Science of Love; A system for a successful relationship that ends in marriage

Life is too short to be alone!

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Is There Something Wrong With Me?

Why can’t I make a good connection? I’m successful, confident, have a great network of friends. What am I missing?

The things I did for love...

Are you really over your first love?
Are you ready for True Love?
Are you ready for adventure?
Are you open to New Possibilities?

Dr. Love’s Proven System

Empowering women with a game-plan to thrive in love


Avoid the Guesswork; There are 3 defined steps; Lust, 


Attachment and what to do in them

Proven System

Clear, Practical steps that lead to a predictable and guaranteed end



The most powerful chemical compound in the world. Her handling of it and how it blends between the man and woman

Who is Dr. Love? Why Can He Help Me?

Dr. Love has listened to and studied 1000’s women for 30 years in his hair salon hearing about their frustration with men. Through this in-depth research he has perfected a system for a woman to participate in her man’s transformation from an ordinary man, to an extraordinary man, to her ‘husband’)

     For the first time in the history of the world, women have a trusted guide with a proven system that empowers her with the science of love to understand a man on his deepest level and to position herself to create and enter a successful fun-loving relationship. Giving her the man of her dreams.

- The Message: A woman must know her value
- The Mission: A woman must be able to internalize her value
- The Movement: A woman must demonstrate her value

Dr. Love’s clients are talking about their successes …

  • Dr. Love taught me how to value myself, rather than doubt myself, and it’s my value, that he valued and now he’s my husband…

  • The difference in Dr. Love’s program is that it allowed me for the first time to really understand men; whom I’m dealing with, what he’s capable of and my power to influence him.

  • Dr. Love taught me that the man of my dreams doesn’t exist…he’s actually created with my participation in his transformation   

Take the Pilgrimage of Love with Dr. Love. It will lead you to the man of your Dreams

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The Adventure of Love Begins

Learn the System & Tools

The Science of Love; Find True Love without the heart-ache


He’s Here!!

Love has found you again…

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Dr. Love’s Proven System in our webinar
It’s Time for Love

Another Holiday…. Where is He? You will learn in this webinar where he is, what’s taking him so long and your power to draw him to you…

Time and Location – November 30th, 7-7:45 PM EST

It's Time For Love 

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