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I believe if a woman knows her value she can find true love at any age, any time. The woman that understands, internalizes, and demonstrates her value will always be in demand, and the woman that has the plan will ALWAYS get her man, while avoiding Disappointment, Drama, and Heartache!!!

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I have taken several classes with Dr. Love over the past few years. I've always found them to be informative, fun, and, most of all, transformational. I encourage anyone who would like to understand their relationships to consider taking a session with Dr. Love. Believe me; you will not be disappointed!

- Cynthia Wright

As a thirtyfive-year-old single lady, Dr. Love has been a legit lifesaver. Society has done nothing but tear me down and encourage me to begin twerking lessons! Dr. Love has emphasized my one true love is making his way to me as I prepare for him. Relax and believe he is already yours Angel.

- Kelly Johnson

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