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Why am I not Married Yet?

I would like for women to understand why my program is so unique and was created just for you. My background is cosmetology. I did women's hair for over 30 years one of my clients asked me after finishing her hair she said, "Look at me?" I said, "your hair is beautiful." She said, "I know, but look at me?" She asked, "Why do you think I'm not married?" I created this program for women who truly want to be married. If she's ready, willing to learn, what to do, what not to do, when to do things in a certain way, she will put an end to failed relationships and the games men play. I show women the process and the transformation men must undergo before he's ready for marriage and the steps women must take to be desired in marriage. If you're tired of the constant search for a good man, with good intentions, you've arrived at your destination. Life's too short to be alone.