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Valentines Day is the Super Bowl of Love

Updated: Jan 10, 2023

One of the greatest pastimes in America is watching Monday night football. From the kick-off, to the punt return, to all the amazing touchdowns we enjoy while watching the game. However by the end of the game you will only have one loser and one winner. Each player is committed and willing to sacrifice his body to run the ball to protect his teammates. In football some players sustain major injuries because it's all part of the game. Speaking of injuries very few people are aware domestic violence increases around the Super Bowl. Each team dreams of making it to the Super Bowl and winning the NFL Championship. Now in The Game of Love you have two players, a man and a woman. There are gameplans, rules, and regulations, and each player plays to win the game. The object of the game is to make touchdowns, score, and win the game. Valentine's Day is the Super Bowl of Love. Women all over the world want to qualify and enter the Super Bowl of love and win the championship which is marriage to a man who loves and adores her. My goal is getting more women to the Super Bowl of Love and winning the championship. However she must understand the game, show up to practice, study her game plan, and know the plays in order to win the championship. I understand every woman does not want a successful fun loving relationship with the man of her dreams, but for those that do I have the plan.

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