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Being Raised By Dr.Love

Updated: Jan 10, 2023

The new Movement, “Celebrate Her” makes me smile and feel inner peace. It’s the truth. Society, her friends and family often don’t know what this woman has been through. Her man has no idea of her personal trials and those quiet struggles.

Those things hidden deep within her soul, even her man might not know the things she has buried, unburied, and buried again. Those things that aren't even her fault yet she is still ashamed of into adulthood. So please by all means “celebrate her” and begin the celebration with a free class in Love, don't go Kevin Samuels (RIP) and tear her down because I assure you she's done that. She does not need any help. She needs to know her value, understand her value, internalize Come take a free class on love, let Love University be your first stop. #celebrateher #itsnotherfault #loveuniversity

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