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Who Is Dr.Love?

Updated: Jan 10

Ed Johnson AKA Dr. Love that’s Dr. the Real Deal LoveDr. Love - is a speaker, relationship coach, author of the book, “3 Things Every Woman Needs to Know About a Man” and founder of Love University. Dr. Love is quickly gaining credibility in the relationship industry and rapidly becoming one of the premier authorities on dating, love, romance, and marriage. Dr.Love started his career in cosmetology nearly 40 years ago and that has catapulted into a career that now creates true and

lasting love connections. Dr. Love opened his first hair salon in 1981. Women would talk to him, not just about their hair, but about their lives. They’d open up to him and then would wonder why they were telling him all these intimate details. He earned their trust and they became comfortable. It was these invaluable conversations that set the stage for the creation of relationship coaching and curriculums for women. Dr. Love has been happily married for many years, October 6th, 2019 he will be celebrating 40 years of marriage to his high school sweetheart, Linda. Dr. Love has raised three daughters of his own and was impacted by 5 sisters during his childhood. Dr. Love’s purpose is to help women actualize and understand the full power and potential of Men; with access to education and scientific research that empowers women to know whose power drives the relationship, and what power creates a relationship filled with romance, and unconditional love. You’re invited to classes, case studies, and webinars. You can also participate in Dr. Love’s Q & A sessions where he will be answering frequently asked questions such as, is it normal to be tired in a relationship, what to do when leaving feels just as bad as staying, and when to see Dr. Love? Be sure to look for my weekly blog posts and youtube videos on Thursdays for more life-changing information.

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