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The Duchess of Sussex and Prince Harry

When Meghan joined The Royal Family she was a black, divorcee, and an actress. Harry knew, and cared how the monarch would respond to Meghan. However when a man is possessed with a burning

desire for the woman he prefers, it trumps what his peers and the family, (Royal or otherwise) will think, say, or do. Despite the heavy criticism he would face! And heavy it was... Harry plunged in. Dr. Love's teachings encompass the most powerful chemical compound in the world, which is C19H28O2 it empowers him to accomplish the impossible. When we look at Prince Harry what are we seeing, but testosterone at work, accompanied with the power of decision. Prince Harry stated and has shown what happens when a man meets a woman who knows and demands what she wants. Take this story and learn the awesome power of the woman which lies latent inside of you.

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