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Finding True Love

Updated: Jan 10

Some Women will live a lifetime and not find true love. Not because it’s not available to her, she has not been shown how to find it, where to find it, and how to access it.

One Thursday afternoon I was doing my Godmother’s hair, as you know I’ve been in Cosmetology for over 30 years. We were discussing Love, relationships, and men. She said, “Ed (she didn’t know I was Dr. Love then) I would still love to experience the care of a Man at eighty-three.” She was a widow and had a few male companions, but she just never experienced a committed, monogamous, unconditional relationship with the man of her dreams and that was her desire. I greatly appreciated her authentic honesty to share the one thing she wanted in life and had not found. And the fact she had not given up hope finding it was refreshing. It was April 2021 when my Godmother transitioned and she still hadn’t found true love. It would bring her great joy, there is a woman who has benefitted and learned from her mistakes. As I reflect on the memories and stories, I realize she was talented, smart, strong, educated, gifted, and funny. She could have been a world-class pianist, but what she really wanted was her man by her side tall, dark, and handsome. And by all means, she could have it. She was just never taught how to find true love, where to find it, the process of love, and the necessary steps to take when walking into a man’s life. It did not have to be this way but it was so I say to all the women who will read this blog, tune into my lives, or engage in my content finding true love is possible. You will have to learn, unlearn, and relearn some things because most women have never been taught how a man is affected by a woman, influenced by a woman, but most importantly driven by her. I would be remiss if I didn’t share with you I have information, and programs I believe would revolutionize your understanding of men. Sooner or later our paths will cross. I hope it’s sooner rather than later because time is ticking, finding true love is possible for you.

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